Akoha shutting down August 15 2011

Dear Akoha Community Member,

We’re writing today to tell you the unfortunate news that after 3 years of operation Akoha.com will be closing its doors on August 15th 2011. Please note that you will be able to sign-in and play missions up until that date.

In the fall of 2007 we set out to create a new type of community to highlight fun, real-world activities that would help people explore and enjoy life to the fullest. From all the amazing missions that the Akoha community has played over the past 3 years we feel comfortable in saying that we were able to reach that goal.

Unfortunately and despite our best efforts, we weren’t able to generate enough revenue to cover our expenses so we’re left with no other choice but to close the site.

We’d like to thank all the dedicated Akoha team members who have contributed their energy and talents to the project and also to our investors for the support that they have shown us over the past few years.

And finally, we’d like to thank you, our incredible community members, for being part of this journey with us. We have been delighted, inspired and moved by all the wonderful missions you have played. We hope Akoha has brought a little additional enjoyment and satisfaction to your lives.

For those who would like to save a pdf archive of all your Akoha activity please see below for instructions.

Thanks again for being part of this incredible journey with us!

The Akoha Team

How to save your Akoha missions:

1) Log into Akoha.
2) Go to your profile by clicking “Profile” in the title bar.
3) On the right hand side under the title bar click the button “See All Your Activity”

(Hint: You can also visit this page directly using the following url:


To print to a PDF file on a Mac :

4) From the Edit menu choose “Print…”
5) Click the PDF button in the lower left corner.
6) Choose “Save as PDF…”
7) Choose a location to save the file
8) Click OK

The page will be saved as one long PDF file as it appears in your web browser.

To print to a PDF file on a PC running Windows XP/Vista/7 :

4) Download and install the Free CutePDF Writer here
5) If you are using IE 9 and the menu is not showing press the Alt key on your keyboard.
6) From the File menu choose “Print Preview…”
7) In the toolbar where it says “Shrink to Fit” choose “60%”
8) Click the print icon in the top left corner (it looks like a little printer).
9) In the dialog box select “CutePDF Writer” as your printer from the “Select printer” pane.
10) Click Print
11) Choose a location to save the file
12) Click Print


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4 responses to “Akoha shutting down August 15 2011

  1. Sad to see it go, really wish this caught on. Still have some cards from TC50…

    Best of luck in the future projects and endeavors!

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  4. Bena

    It appears the Akoha site is down today…2 Aug 2011. I have started a yahoogroups website (with the approval of the Akoha Team) for those who want to keep in touch.
    I hope everyone will join. The website address is:


    Looking forward to seeing all my friends there soon,


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